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101 Ways to Save about $101

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1. Make your drive thru coffee medium, instead of large

2. Smoke 1less cigarette every day.

3. Share dessert when dining out

4. Recycle

5. Attend movies on Tuesday

6. Wear a sweater for 1evening each week

7. Don't overload your washer or dryer

8. Have older shoes re-soled

9. Order alcohol in a "tall glass"

10. Use notepads upside down

11. Check the air in your tires

12. Brown bag your lunch one day in ten

13. Buy greeting cards at dollar stores

14. Make your own window cleaner from vinegar and water

15. BorrowI Loan young children's clothing

16. Write "date frozen" on items in your freezer

17. Buy a parking card

18. Re-tint paint

19. Walk to short distance chores

20. Compost

21. Dry unused herbs

22. Try at least one "no name brand" product every two weeks

23. Carpool at least one day each week

24. Eat leftovers

25. Make your milk a combination of SO% purchased and 50% prepared from powder

26. Oatmeal for Breakfast

27. Use cash

28. Colour your own hair

29. Don't confuse the corner store with the supermarket

30. Buy lottery tickets with friends and family

31. Bake

32. Don't confuse gifts with tokens of appreciation.

33. Read labels on food, clothing and electronics

34. Use re-chargeable batteries

35. Lend and borrow books

36. Start a piggy-bank

37. Drink water with meals, especially when dining out.

38. Carry a "spot remover" pencil

39. Scotch guard fabric covered furniture

40. Buy a "long distance" package

41. Ask for senior (or student) discount

42. Get a tax receipt for all donations

43. Use frozen juice concentrate

44.Share magazine subscriptions with friends or family

45. Buy next years Christmas cards and gift wrap just before Dec 31st

46. Avoid vending machines

47. Learn to hem and other sewing skills

48. Buy interchangeable clothing

49. Make your own pet food

50. Roll pennies and nickels

51. Pay bills on-line, print receipts

52. Let the nozzle fully drain in your car's gas tank

53. Turn your hot water tank down by 5 °F

54. Avoid cash withdrawals from ATM's owned by banks other than your own

55. Order the" special of the day" when dining out

56. Follow manufactures guide-lines

57. Grow at least one item you can eat

58. Use your children's framed and signed art as gifts

59. Volunteer for at least 2 hours each week

60. Avoid sales

61. Re-acquire your taste for traditional vegetables

62. Bundle your communication needs

63. Empty the trunk of your car or truck

64. Limit the amount of printing you do

65. For every $100 you bring home, put a loonie in a mason jar

66. Give your children a consistent and regular allowance

67. Caulk drafty doors and windows

68. Cook only 8 oz (raw weight) of meat, fish or poultry for each person you need to feed

69. Starch your own shirts

70. Plan your route when shopping or carrying out chores

71. Don't shop for food on an empty stomach

72. Grow comfortable saying "no thanks" if approached by a sales person

73. Telemarketers - cut them off promptly

74. Wear white after labour day, toes out as well

75. Join a gym

76. Ask your doctor to order generic brand medications

77. Take advantage of "gifts with purchase" offers

78. Remember that cost is much more than price

79. Make sure the financial advice you accept is in your own best interest

80. Brew your own!

81. Buy and wear at least one item of used clothing

82. Attend a flea market

83. Choose the local school or a church concert as an entertainment option

84. Clean your rain gutters

85. Floss

86. Join a choir

87. Shop for elderly Parents with them along for the ride

88. Keep receipts

89. Read and file warranties;attach receipts

90. Ask for a discount when paying with cash

91. Buy sensible shoes

92. Hand make gifts all year round

93. Avoid flowers as " In Memoriam" tributes

94. Replace brakes at first squeak

95. Sell used textbooks; when you've passed the course

96. Check pockets and inside purses before giving your things to charity

97. Brush your cat and dog regularly & learn to trim their nails

98. Vacuum the sofa - keep the change

99. Ask your bank for a better rate

100. Always buy 2 pairs of identical socks

101. Get help with a financial concern before it becomes a full-blown crisis.