Community Education

Improving our province's financial literacy.

Financial knowledge is becoming more and more essential in an ever-changing consumer market. For us, information on good money management skills and sound consumer education for our whole province and all our people, is an important priority.

Our mandate includes educating and impowering the public in matters of personal finances and enhance their consumer knowledge. Experience has taught us that this is best achieved in a group environment. Therefore, we are always happy to present talks and seminars to organizations, unique groups, service clubs, students and the general public.

Common areas of interest are:
• Basic budgeting
• Understanding credit and debt
• Consumerism and the importance of planning
• Children and money
• Life events and potential financial crisis
• Shopping for food
• Or let us know what topic would interest you and a presentation can be developed accordingly

These sessions are available to any group expressing an interest and typically run from 45 minutes to one hour. Each year we provide over 100 presentations to approximately 3000 people across the province.