Am I eligible for your services?

  • If you feel you have a financial problem, if you feel your debts are out of control or if you tend to stress or worry about money you are certainly a candidate for our service.
Who will I be dealing with?
  • CCSNL employs what we believe to be the best and most competent counsellors in the financial counselling sector in Newfoundland and Labrador. As well, when you ask "Who will I deal with?", it's important to remember that we're from here, and so instead of dealing with a mainland organization you'll be working with people who call this province home too. Our Programme has developed in Newfoundland and Labrador and is sensitive to our lifestyle and culture

    If you live in Western Newfoundland, you'll be greeted by our Regional Financial Wellness Counsellor for the Western Part of the Island.

    Clients and callers from all other regions of the province, including the Labrador portion, will be handled by one of our counsellors in the St. John's office.

If I'm having trouble making monthly payments, how can you help me?
  • It all starts with a call to our office. If you're struggling or worried, don't put things off any longer. When you talk to us our first priority will be determining a reasonable budget for you and your family. From there, our services will be tailored to you and your particular set of circumstances.
My monthly bills are more than my monthly income.  How can you help me?
  • Again, our response is tailor-made to your individual situation.

    If you are clearly struggling with debt and you either can't or should not go bankrupt, we might suggest a Debt Retirement Programme (DRP)

Will a Debt Retirement Programme affect my credit rating?
  • If you choose a DRP, you will have to agree not to apply for new credit while you are on that particular program. If you do, your application will likely be denied. Once you enter a DRP, in all likelihood your creditors will report your accounts as paid slow to the Credit Bureaus. This does not happen in all cases. However, you will encounter serious problems getting new credit approved while you are on a DRP.
  • Once you have successfully completed your DRP, we will notify the various credit reporting agencies of your success. When we do so, the negative information contained in your credit history file as a result of your DRP is usually removed 2 years later. If you have completed a DRP with us more than 2 years ago, and you learn that it is still being reported, you should contact us immediately.
How long does a DRP last?
  • Typically DRP's last for a maximum of 5 years. This time frame unfortunately does not apply to student loans.

Does CCSNL make payments to my creditors in a Debt Retirement Programme?

  • Yes we do. Clients using our Debt Retirement Programme are expected to make a regular monthly deposit with us for an amount which you have agreed upon with your counsellor and which your creditors have accepted. You may make this deposit using telephone or internet banking or you may provide us with a money order, bank draft or the coming directly to our office. Regretably, because our Debt Retirement Programmes client deposits are handled using a trust account, we cannot accept cash payments or personal cheques which are not certified. CCSNL pays to all our clients' accounts once each month. Typically this is carried out toward the end of each month to insure the maximum payment to creditors.
How much will this cost?
  • Less than 1% of our clients pay for counselling services. This is because CCSNL is committed to our 30 year history and policy of "no fee" or "low fee" for our counselling services. If in the unlikely event that you fall into the minute number of clients who expected to pay for counselling services, your counsellor will tell you so during your initial meeting.
What's the fastest way for me to get help from CCSNL?
  • CCSNL strives to keep our waiting time to 2 - 3 business days. Therefore you will usually be seen within this timeframe after you make your appointment.
  • However, if you have an Employee Assistance Program where you work, chances are, CCSNL are on their referral list. If you contact your EAP Representative a formal referral can usually be made and you will be seen much faster than otherwise.

What do I bring for my first appointment?
  • Recent pay stub (or EI stub)
  • Bills, notices, utilities, etc.This information will usually allow your counsellor to accurately assess your situation. If additional information is needed for subsequent sessions; your counsellors will advise you of the exact details.
Do you offer counselling by telephone?
  • Yes we do. While by its very nature counselling is best carried out in person, we recognize that in a large province like ours, travel costs may inhibit people from visiting our offices. Therefore if your situation is best handled by phone, we're happy to accommodate. It's a simple matter of making an appointment for telephone counselling.