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Creditor Intervention

Creditor Intervention, also known in some credit counselling circles as third party counselling, is a process which is chosen by clients when they cannot resolve a minor financial problem on their own.

Typically, financial problems which can be resolved this way involve a single call or note from one of our Counsellors to your creditor or service provider with a specific short term proposal or plan to resolve an issue. We will act as a third party to advocate for you or explain why you can't make your full payments or honour your commitments in the short term. 

This involves us actually speaking with your creditors or service providers and is carried out only with your full understanding and written consent. Generally these are short term arrangements and usually sees your problem resolved within several weeks or months. You continue to pay your creditors directly and the intervention is not reported by us to credit reporting organizations. We will never report those sessions to credit bureaus, however we can not gaurantee that your creditors will not.