So... What Will My First Counselling Session Be Like?

At Credit Counselling Services of Newfoundland and Labrador it’s all about you, our client and making sure you feel respected, regarded, and the center of everything we do.

We prefer to meet with you in person; however we will also talk with you by telephone if this is what works best for your unique situation. For example, you may live a long way from our office, or you may be unable to travel.

Our first commitment to you is the steps we take to guard your privacy. Your counsellor will discuss that with you in great detail during your initial appointment. 

From there we will talk to you about your overall financial position; this includes all your income, your total expenses, as well as a complete listing of your assets and liabilities. Your counsellor will also look at your debt, how it's structured, how much they are costing you monthly, and for how long.

Your counsellor will also assess whether or not you have budgeting difficulties or debt issues, along with practical ways you can make things better.

You will notice your counsellor working very hard to be realistic about the standard of living your income can provide along with the things you can practically do to pay your debt over a reasonable period of time.

Usually you can expect your counsellor to spend a lot of time talking about how you can build and maintain a family budget and the various bits and pieces of your family life that go into a budget and financial plan.

Our counsellors specialize in helping you explore realistic options for the payment of debt. These may include consolidation, disposing of some of your assets, or the benefits of reduced interests that come your way if you chose our debt retirement program. In some cases we might even suggest consumer proposal or the kind of relief that comes for people whose best option is bankruptcy.

If you have an appointment scheduled with one of our counsellors, or if you are considering making one, visit our Preparation for Your Initial Appointment guide to find out what information you should bring with you to your first appointment.