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Rate Your Supermarket Shopping Skills

This simple test should take about 5 minutes to complete. You should answer all questions with a "yes" or "no". The correct answer to all questions is "yes" so you can rate yourself at the end of the test - So be honest with yourself - Good Luck!

Do you:  (Answer Yes or No to these questions)

1)  Plan major meals before grocery shopping?

2)  Use Canada Food Guide to help plan your meals?

3)  Plan your shopping around advertised specials?

4)  Make a list as you run out of groceries & follow it closely when you shop?

5)  Stay within a specific amount for food at home & when you eat out?

6)  Read the ingredient lists on the food you buy to know exactly what you are buying?

7)  Shop by yourself?

8)  Shop soon after you have eaten?

9)  With convenience or read made food; do you purchase only the minimum amount possible?

10) Look at the cost per serving rather than the total cost when buying meat, fish & poultry?

11) Comparison shop, meaning you look at the volume and its practical use?

12) Comparative shop, meaning you search out items in each store to meet your needs even if it is not one around the corner?

13) Shop for items above/below eye level?

14) Shop mid-week?

15) Shop around at more than one supermarket?

Now count your yes answers and score yourself as below!!

12-15 Excellent
10-12 Good
8-10 Fair
Below 8 Poor