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Website Redesign Survey

Credit & Debt Solutions is in the process of redesigning its website. Feedback from you, the users of the site, is essential. Please help us out by taking this short, confidential survey.

I. Tell us how you got here

1. What brought you to our site today?

Internet Search Engine
Friend recommendation
Other. Please specify: 

II. Tell us what you're looking to find today

1. I am trying to find information on (select all that apply):

Credit counselling
Debt retirement programs
Budgeting tips
Making an appointment to see a counsellor
Other. Please specify: 

2. Did you find what you are looking for?

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3. Is there anything you were expecting to see on the site but didn't?

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If yes, please give us more details:

What would you like to see changed on the website?

Do you have any additional comments?

III. Tell us a bit about yourself